Custom brokerage

Custom brokerage

We do better documentation because we understand.

The most vital link of the entire supply chain logistics is Custom Brokerage. For a large part many of the logistics companies had their origin from a CHA perspective. A Sub optimal CHA will leave you bleeding in your operations. When you have more locked in inventory, it means more capital locked. Our Technology and People process go hand in hand to help you improve your efficiencies.

Intricacies of the supply chain often leaves the shipper helpless. Huge reports, compliance, statutory filings take a heavy toll on your performance. This toll affects your profitability. A miss or a near miss in the chain will result in a huge loss for your business and a dent on your reputation. We provide cost effective CHA services to complement your trade across borders.

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  • arrow_forward Speedy Clearance across borders
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We have streamlined Workflow’s to provide quick solutions. Trusted experts know about Tariff Classifications, Anti-Dumping Duties and Quotas. Our experts have gained the reputation of delivering best in class services. Our services help you faster clearance of your goods reaching the market. Our optimized turnaround of your cargo movements helps you reach your goods at the right time.

DahNay also improves the process with rich knowledge gained from our huge repositories. Our repositories include product portfolios, process portfolios, HCN codes, recent trends and technology. We also integrate this learning with delivery metrics that help you improve performances. Our Technology and People process go hand in hand to help you improve your efficiencies.

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