Omni Channel

Omni Channel

Pick and Choose transport solutions that doesn’t burst on the seams.

In a competitive economy a one size fits all approach wreaks calamity on the ecosystem. With the advent of technology new geography opens for your business on a regular basis. Yet a Shipper has challenge to reach out to his or her customers. Delivering the goods at the right time, with the right product at the right spot.

In logistics when you work in independent silos you add the lead time in every mile of your supply chain business. This independent silo model inflates your cost of logistics. It is important to work with a Logistics Solution Provider like DahNay the experts who can weave the perfect story for your cargo movement. DahNay brings the added dimension to your cargo movement.

  • arrow_forward Deploy capacity On Demand
  • arrow_forward 1st Mile & Last Mile visibility
  • arrow_forward Transportation that fits your size
  • arrow_forward Effective Multi-Modal Solutions
  • arrow_forward Seamless delivery & documentation

In the age of ecommerce, barriers are seamless, choosing the able Logistics Solutions Provider is the key to your performance. The SOPs and Workflow’s of DahNay are always aligned to boost your performance.

Got challenges in choosing the right WH partner? Call us and you will enjoy the experience beyond imagination.

At DahNay, agility is the foundation on which we have built our logistics solutions.

Your goal; is our priority.

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