Last mile connectivity

Last Mile Connectivity

Connecting the Dots for seamless delivery

International freight forwarding is a specialized service not everyone can provide value for service. Shippers get upset when they have no choice and work with many service providers. In international shipment your first point of contact is always the local transporter. This segment is not as organized as the players high up in the supply chain.

At DahNay we score over our competitors on this aspect as we have mastered the art of movement.

DahNay provisions customized pick and delivery trucks to help you complete the shipment in a faster and efficient way. Our Last Mile connectivity help you remove ambiguity and move towards profits on your supply chain services. Our Last Mile Connectivity module is integrated with your end to end spectrum of logistics solutions. DahNay gives you improved control of your shipment with 360-degree visibility of your goods.

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Our dedicated team provide individual support services for your every need. We are ready to offer bespoke solutions tailored to your changing needs with your end goal in mind. Whatever you ship and wherever you ship you always enjoy a personalized touch to your cargo.

Speak to us to learn about our competitive rates, schedules and local trade laws. We are glad to offer help at every stage of your shipment journey. Maritime forwarding is the oldest vertical and our expertise adds better perspective.

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